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Church rebels vow “political structures” for action

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Munich, 27.05.2020, 17:31 Uhr
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Munich [ENA] Catholic Church reformers in Germany have appealed to the faithful to turn the Corona crisis’ new solidarity dynamics into “support of protests and activities for sustainable development”. Christians should hold globally operating corporations responsible and demand urgently needed debt relief measures, the group We are Church said in a letter marking the Pentecost holiday this weekend.

According to the movement its engagements in the pandemic had realized effects much quicker then in the case of the climate catastrophe. The open letter published in Munich suggested using the momentum achieved and called for a change of consumer behavior proposing to exert “massive influence on politics and companies”. The supply chains had also to be taken into consideration, it demanded without elaborating. To break the cycle of poverty the reformers called for building “political structures capable of action”. Supposedly unchangeable conditions could now be changed in an emergency and “another world is possible”. Forward‐looking commitment offered an “enthusiastic horizon of hope”, the letter said.

It further addressed the economic burdens the pandemic caused in Europe. “Let us hold on to the peacemaking idea of Europe, not as a fortress, but as a community of solidarity overcoming old nationalisms! Many countries are not in a position to shoulder the pandemic alone”. The Pentecost plea demanded real attention to the environmental and social encyclical from Pope Francis and said that while the new paradigm shift was a great challenge for the church it also was a chance to prove its relevance. House churches should be strengthened and successes in the equality of women and men should not be cancelled by a relapse into old role patterns: “It is precisely women who provide vital services,” the group stated.

The protest movement advocates changing the teachings and the structures of responsibility and authority of the Catholic Church. It originated in Austria and Germany under the title We are Church and was organized as an international association in 1996. It has described church rebel Hans Küng as a spiritual father of initiatives that led to its founding. Küng is a Swiss Catholic priest, theologian, and author notable for his rejection of the doctrine of papal infallibility. The reformers’ objectives include the participation of the faithful in the election of bishops in their local churches and equal rights for men and women, including the admission of women to all Church ministries.

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