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German-LatAm reporter exchange proposed

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Königstein (Germany), 21.08.2019, 16:11 Uhr
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Königstein (Germany) [ENA] A German-Latin American Fellowship gives journalists aged 25-38 an opportunity to get to know their guest country by working as a correspondent in Germany or Latin America for two months in 2020. The organizers, German International Journalists’ Programs (IJP), say successful candidates will receive a stipend of some US$4,000 to cover airfares, accommodation and per diems. Deadline for submissions is 16 September.

IJP based at Königsstein near Frankfurt advises young reporters from Germany must have proficiency in Spanish and/or Portuguese, and candidates from Latin America must have solid knowledge of German and/or English. The initiative seeks to foster relations between Germany and Latin America giving young journalists the opportunity to spend two months in a Berlin-based media, working as correspondents for their outlets back home. The fellowship will begin late February 2020 with an introductory seminar in Berlin. At least five young German and six Latin-American journalists get the chance to discover the diversity of their host countries.

Germans may choose from reporting jobs at global players Brazil, Argentina or Mexico, while countries of Central America as well as Venezuela - to name but a few - have as many fascinating stories in the area of economics, politics and culture to offer. Likewise the program invites journalists from all countries of South and Central America, who want to work for two months in a German mostly Berlin-based media. The main objective, however, is for participants to work as temporary correspondents for their newsrooms in Brazil. During the internship, journalists will be able to familiarize themselves with the political and economic reality of Germany as well as learn about the culture and mentality of its population.

Daily work in a newsroom will ensure contact with German journalists and the creation of professional and friendly ties. Apart from working as part-time correspondents for their home base participants are thus expected to play an active role in their guest environments. To maintain the new relationships after the program, IJP offers a network of alumni. The fellowship in Germany will begin late February 2020 with an introductory seminar in Berlin while the German participants will start their Latin America stint in May. German-speaking applicants should preferably have gained professional experience in Germany or, in exceptional cases, in Austria or Switzerland.

According to IJP the stipend is meant as a subsidy and that participants are also expected to contribute their own funds. German embassies, consulates IJP and the alumni network will help in identifying workplaces but fixed slots don’t exist. Participants are permitted to suggest target media. Print and broadcast outlets in America have so far accepted IJP students: Argentina: La Nación, El Clarín; Brazil: Globo, Folha de Sao Paulo, Veja, Radio CBN; Chile: El Mostrador, Mercurio; Costa Rica: La Nación; Guatemala: Siglo 21; Colombia: El Espectador, Caracol Radio; Cuba: Prensa Latina; Mexico: Reforma; Peru: Caretas and Venezuela: El Nacional.

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